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This program is a multi-task individual that works along-side a Registered Pharmacist.  This program is designed to prepare students to support the licensed pharmacist by assisting with counter dispensing operations and prescription preparation.  The curriculum will prepare the student for an entry-level position in pharmacies based in hospitals, retail settings home health care, nursing homes, clinics, and mail order prescription companies.  The curriculum also instructs the student on the business aspect of communicating with patients, and customers in a proficient and professional manner. Upon completion of the program the student will be able to sit for the certification exam administered by PCTB


Program Length:  13 Weeks 

Program Cost : $3,500.00



MDT 101-Medical Terminology                                                              24 Hours

SPH110-Communication                                                                           8 Hours

PHM 100-Introduction to Pharmacology                                               30 Hours

PHM101-Pharmacology I                                                                         20 Hours

PHM 102-Pharmacy Law and Ethics                                                       18 Hours

PHM 103-Nonprescriptive Drugs and Devices                                     12 Hours

PHM 200-Pharmacy Math and Calculations                                          12 Hours

PHM 201-Pharmacology II                                                                      18 Hours

PHM 203-Pharmacy Management                                                         12 Hours

VS 101 – Volunteer Services                                                                      8 Hours

PEO 101 – Professional Conduct and Externship Orientation              3 Hours

PHM 300-Pharmacy Externship                                                            120 Hours

PHM 301-Review                                                                                      24 Hours

Total Clock Hours                                                                309 Hours

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