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This program of study is designed to train students in the medical profession of Phlebotomy.  Graduates will be able to find employment in medical facilities, hospitals, laboratories, or other healthcare affiliates requiring the skill of Phlebotomist.  Graduates of the program will be qualified to sit for the National Health Career Association Examination.


This specialized certificate-training program focuses on the primary role of the Phlebotomist, which is to collect blood safely and without patient discomfort for accurate and reliable test results as quickly as possible.  The student Phlebotomist will be trained in the proper collection techniques and safe handling of blood specimens, using the skills of venipuncture and capillary puncture. As the Phlebotomist plays a key role in the healthcare of patients, patient care and communication skills are also emphasized.  Time management will also be incorporated.


Program Length: 10 Weeks

Program Cost: $1,000.00



PHL 101 - Advance Phlebotomy                                                                       28 Hours

PHL 102 - Advance Phlebotomy Lab Procedures                                            39 Hours

VS 101 - Volunteer Services                                                                                 8 Hours

PEO 101 - Professional Conduct and Externship Orientation                          3 Hours

PHL 201-  Advance Phlebotomy Externship                                                   120 Hours

PHL 202 - Certification Review                                                                             8 Hours

Total Clock Hours:                                                                206 Hours

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