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This program of study is designed to train students in the profession of Dental Assisting.  Graduates will be able to find employment in dental offices, HMO clinics, public health institutions, dental supply companies, military dental facilities, and dental school clinic affiliates requiring the skills of a trained dental assistant.


This specialized certificate training program will focus on the primary role of the dental assistant.  Our goal is to train students to prepare patients for dental treatment, sterilize dental materials, perform laboratory duties, execute infection control and universal precaution techniques, maintain inventory, and perform receptionist/front office duties.   Dental assistants play a key role in the dental healthcare of patients; the student will become knowledgeable of dental patient care, how to seat the patient and explain his or her treatments and dismissal when the procedure is complete.


Program Length:  12 Weeks

Program Cost:  $3,500.00



DA 101 - Basic Dental Assisting Theory                                                       44 Hours

DA 102 - Dental Assisting Lab Procedures & Front Office                         44 Hours

VS 10  -  Volunteer Services                                                                            8 Hours

PEO 101 - Professional Conduct & Externship Orientation                         3 Hours

DA 103 - Observation                                                                                      8 Hours

DA 104 - Dental Assisting Externship                                                         120 Hours

Total Clock Hours                                                                   227 Hours 




DA 101- Basic Dental Assisting – 44 hours                           

This course is designed to introduce the student to the development, function, status, and organization of the dental profession, and the professional, legal and ethical responsibilities of the dental assistant.  Terminology emphasizing prefixes, suffixes, roots, abbreviations, spelling, and definitions of medical and dental terms will be presented.  The student will be introduced to dental instrumentation and materials.  The student will be given the opportunity to practice the skills of dental assisting with the instructor assuming the role of the dentist in a chair side setting.  The student will become competent in passing various instruments and treatment modalities, as well as practice mixing dental materials.  Infection control procedures and competencies will also be covered in this section. 

 (Co-Requisite DA 102)


DA 102- Dental Assisting Lab Procedures & Front Office – 44 hours                                                    

This course is designed to introduce the student to dental office lab procedures and equipment.  The student will be taught skills to perform a variety of laboratory, clinical, and office duties.  Students will also learn to manage the dental office, including patient scheduling and bookkeeping. The Student must complete 32 hours of independent observation hours before progressing to Externship.  (Co-Requisite DA 101)


VS 101 – Volunteer Services – 8 hours

Volunteering will provide the students a unique opportunity to make a difference in their local community as well as foster new relationships.


PEO 101 – Professional Conduct and Externship Orientation – 3 hours

This course is designed to inform students about the importance of professional conduct and what employers expect during the externship experience as well as prepare students to become gainfully employed.


DA 103 – Observation – 8 hours

For students to observe the opening and closing of a dental office.


DA 104 - Dental Assisting Externship – 120 hours                                                           

This course is designed to develop the student’s confidence with experience in an actual dental office setting.  The student will participate in providing supervised dental assisting services for a minimum of 80 hours.  The student will be expected to demonstrate each of the dental assisting procedures with accuracy and skill.  A dentist and/or dental assisting mentor will be present on site at all times and will evaluate the student’s performance.               



(Prerequisite:  Student must pass DA 101 & DA 102; current CPR certification, current TB skin test and one Hepatitis B vaccine) The maximum ceiling for each program and teacher/student ratio 15:1

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