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Access Training, Inc has designed a Fast Track Nursing Assisting course to provide an opportunity for persons who have been working in the field of Nursing Assisting but have never been certified.  They have the much needed patient care and work experience without the benefit of the license.  This program will provide students with classroom lecture, laboratory practice, and clinical training in direct patient care skills. This course fine tunes the on the job training they have already had, and introduces them to new and revised methods and procedures in direct patient care.   This training will allow them to use their skills accurately giving them the confidence needed to provide good patient care.  Students will now be qualified to obtain employment in any ambulatory settings, hospitals, or nursing homes.   It is designed to require a minimum amount of time but to train students efficiently, so not to interrupt their current schedule. 

Program Length:  3 Weeks

Program Cost:  $600.00


COURSE OUTLINE:                                                                                                


FTNA 101-Theory                                                                              40 Hours

FTNA 102-Laboratory Procedures                                                   16 Hours

VS 101- Volunteer Services                                                                8 Hours                                 

FTNA 103-Clinical                                                                             24 Hours

FTNA 101 – Certification Review                                                       5 Hours


Total Clock Hours                                                          80 Hours 




FTNA 101 Nursing Assisting Theory - 40 clock hours

This course is designed to teach the student to work directly with patients, giving physical care and emotional support.  The Nursing Assisting will be able to assist with patient assessment, planning care, promoting patient safety and environmental cleanliness, and promoting personal hygiene and elimination needs.  As a result of this course, the student will be able to measure and record vital signs, height, and weight, and describe the effects of local cold and heat applications.

(Co-Requisite FT NA 102)


FTNA 102 Nursing Assisting Laboratory Procedures - 16 clock hours

This experience is designed to teach the student to recognize and report abnormal changes in body functioning to a supervisor, as well as care for patients when death is imminent.  The student will be able to demonstrate skills that incorporate principles of restorative nursing, including training the patient in self-care, and using assistive devices in transferring, ambulation, proper turning, and positioning both in the bed and chair. (Co-Requisite FTNA 101)


VS 101 – Volunteer Services - 8 hours

Volunteering will provide the students a unique opportunity to make a difference in their local community as well as foster new relationships.


PEO 101 – Professional Conduct and Externship Orientation - 3 hours

This course is designed to inform students about the importance of professional conduct and what employers expect during the externship experience as well as prepare the student to become gainfully employed


FTNA 103 Nursing Assisting Externship - 24 Hours

This experience is designed for students to utilize skills learned in laboratory settings.  Students will provide total patient care under the supervision of an instructor.  The student will measure and record vital signs; provide care such as bathing, grooming, and dressing; and assist with eating and hydration.  The student will provide care to the cognitively impaired patient.  Upon completion of the clinical rotation, the instructor will evaluate the student’s performance. (Prerequisites:  FTNA 101 & FTNA 102)


FTNA 104 – Nursing Assisting Certification Exam Review - 5 hours

This course is designed to prepare students to sit for the Mississippi Nurse Aide Examination. 




Note:  Prior to externship entrance, students must present proof of current CPR certification and the following immunizations: a current TB skin test.  The maximum ceiling for each program and teacher/student ratio 15:1

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